feature image - SABIC ABS MG47F & STAREX™ SD0150 for Cost-Effective Molding Applications

SABIC ABS MG47F & STAREX™ SD0150 for Cost-Effective Molding Applications

SABIC ABS MG47F & STAREX™ SD0150 for Cost-Effective Molding Applications

An engineering polymer, ABS granule is being used in vivid industries to improve products’ finish, shape fineness, and shine. ABS has well-accepted and experienced properties commonly required for molding applications like toughness, thermal stability, ability to conform to rigid matrix etc. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS granules are made of two plastics + one rubber- acrylonitrile and polystyrene + butadiene. The leading distributors and suppliers of this widely used engineering polymer for injection molding applications offer a rich variety of brands and colors.

SABIC ABS MG47F STAREX™ SD0150 for Cost Effective Molding Applications 1030x1030 - SABIC ABS MG47F & STAREX™ SD0150 for Cost-Effective Molding Applications

Properties of SABIC ABS MG47F & STAREX™ SD0150 ABS Granules

FDA-approved grades of SABIC CYCOLAC™ ABS MG47F and LOTTE STAREX™ SD0150 ABS granules are in top demand because of being ROHS compliant. Outstanding flow, excellent aesthetics, superior toughness, dependable dimensional stability, high coloring suitability, superior scratch resistance, and temperature resistance are the key properties of ABS natural granules of SABIC CYCOLAC and LOTTE STAREX. The leading authorized distributors and suppliers of ABS natural granules, ABS white granules, and ABS natural resins offer ever-expanding options to choose the grades and colors; like STAREX SD0150 in natural and milky white colors, SABIC ABS MG47F in natural color. These are available in three forms- granules, resin, and dana.

STAREX and CYCOLAC ABS Granules Formation

CYCOLAC ABS comes in the terpolymers class. It is formed by blending Styrene (S), an amorphous thermoplastic copolymer of acrylonitrile (A), and an elastomeric component polybutadiene or butadiene copolymer (B). STAREX is the Styrene product brand of LOTTE Chemical. Starex ABS has excellent moldability, paintability, and impact strength. ABS granules made of AN, BD, and SM have excellent properties for machining applications; therefore, these are emerging as better alternatives to conventional materials used for various applications.

Choose the Right ABS Granules

SABIC ABS MG47F with 1.5 mm 94HB Flame Class Rating is a multi-purpose, injection molding ABS. It provides a favorable balance of engineering properties. Its cumulative drying time is eight hrs. Maximum moisture content is 0.1 % and melt temperature is 220-260 °C. STAREX™ SD0150 widely being used in injection molding for manufacturing household appliances, auto interior trim & panels, wheel covers, etc has excellent chemical resistance and processing suitability. The Processing temperatures for STAREX™ SD0150 are recommended as 190°C- 230 °C for cylinder and 40 °C to 80 °C for molding.


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