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3 Reasons to Choose PC SABIC 144R Grade Granules

Why Choose PC SABIC 144R Grade Granules?

Thermoplastics are quickly becoming the most popular choice of plastics for various industries across the globe. It is extremely crucial for the healthcare industry to use best quality raw material which is suitable for their particular application. Today, there has been a growing demand for PC SABIC 144R which is a food-grade polycarbonate granule that meets all the necessary demands and requirements across multiple healthcare and medical industries.

PC food medical grade granules 1030x1030 - 3 Reasons to Choose PC SABIC 144R Grade Granules

PC SABIC 144R Has High Impact Strength

One of the reasons for the growing demand for LEXAN™ 144R/111 (Food grade) polycarbonate granules is that it offers high impact strength. Hence, these plastics are ideal for making products like washing machines, food mixers and grinders, coffee machines and even drug delivery systems. Today, you can find many suppliers and local manufacturers that would provide you with the best PC food medical grade granules.

For this, you need to evaluate and compare the best suppliers you can find locally by:

  • Getting local recommendations in your city
  • Reading local forums and comments
  • Reading reviews and testimonials

PC SABIC 144R is Easy to Mould

Manufacturers in the medical and healthcare sector have to look for plastics that are easy to mould and shape. With SABIC® PC1004R (Food grade), manufacturers have the liberty to make use of different manufacturing processes like extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding. This would allow manufacturers to speed up the production process and ensure better results and performance.

PC SABIC 144R is Optical Clarity and Transparency

Various products in the medical and healthcare industry require better transparency and optical clarity like blood filters, baby bottles and 3-way stop cock. Grades like LEXAN™ HPS7-1125 can offer you the best transparency and clarity that you would need for the production process. Hence, you must be clear about the choices that can help you drive your business ahead.


Choosing the right materials for the production of medical and healthcare products would make sense. With 144R grade, you can get the best optical clarity and transparency and high impact strength thus making it durable. Also, these granules are easy to mould for manufacturing healthcare and medical devices and products.

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The author is a leading manufacturer and retailer of PC SABIC 144R grade polycarbonate granules that you can find and buy in India at the best price.

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