Polycarbonate Milky White Resin

Unveiling Excellence: Kapoor Sales Corporation’s Legacy in Polycarbonate Milky White Granules

In the vibrant epicenter of India’s industrial growth, Kapoor Sales Corporation emerges as a beacon of innovation and unparalleled quality. Celebrating over four decades of dedicated service, we have positioned ourselves as the leading polycarbonate milky white resin suppliers, forging a legacy with our commitment to excellence and forward-looking vision. As authorized distributors for industry giants like SABIC Innovative Plastics and Lotte Chemical, we’ve embarked on a journey characterized by relentless pursuit of quality and innovation.

A Symphony of Whites: Beyond the Color Spectrum

Kapoor Sales Corporation redefines “milky white” as a spectrum of possibilities. Our diverse array of PC milky white dana is unmatched, offering shades from Euro White to Philips White and the coveted Roma White. The versatility of our product range, including LEXAN 123R grades and LEXAN 243R grades in PC white Roma granules, is a testament to our commitment to meet and exceed the nuanced needs of our clients.

Powering Industries: The Versatile Applications of LEXAN Grades

Our portfolio, featuring LEXAN 123R, 143R, 243R, 945U, and FR 943 grades, is at the heart of numerous industries. These grades power the switchgear industry, fuel innovation in electrical appliances like juicers, mixers, and grinders, illuminate the LED and lighting sector, and drive advancements in the automotive industry. The versatility and reliability of our PC dana, particularly these specific LEXAN grades, underscore our role as pivotal suppliers in the industrial landscape.

Excellence in Every Granule

Our allegiance to quality is absolute. Each batch of our polycarbonate milky white pellets, especially those within the LEXAN 123R, 143R, 243R, 945U, and FR 943 grades, stands as a beacon of purity, performance, and precision. Meticulously maintained specifications ensure these products not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of our diverse clientele. This unwavering dedication translates into products known for their superior optical clarity, high impact strength, and exceptional thermal resistance, affirming our status as the premier pc white Roma granules suppliers.

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