featureimage2 - ABS Natural Granule: Simplifying Low-Cost Moulding

ABS Natural Granule: Simplifying Low-Cost Moulding

ABS Natural Granule: Simplifying Low-Cost Moulding

ABS granule properties are allowing manufacturers to replace conventional materials for getting multiple competitive advantages like better finish, better molding, aesthetically pleasing structure, reduced production cost, higher impact resistance, etc. The chemical property to withstand multiple heating and cooling processes make ABS natural dana suitable for recycling. Repeated heating and cooling hardly create any significant degradation. ABS is by continuous mass polymerization.

ABS Natural Granule Simplifying Low Cost Moulding 1030x1030 - ABS Natural Granule: Simplifying Low-Cost Moulding

Properties of ABS Natural Dana

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is an amorphous polymer and opaque thermoplastic. “Thermoplastic” is opposed to “thermoset” and it refers to responding behavior to heat. Thermoset plastics can be heated only once during the injection molding, the first heating makes chemical changes that can’t be reversed. The properties like dimensional stability, coloring suitability, superior scratch resistance, and temperature resistance make it a perfect choice for a range of injection moulding applications. ABS granules have a tough resistance to corrosive chemicals. Manufacturers get good cosmetic products finish with ABS with no extra effort; plus, ABS products can be colored easily. ABS natural granules are available in a variation of properties obtained by varying the constituents.

Applications of ABS Granule

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) virgin dana/granule is available in FDA-approved grade also. SABIC and STAREX are the leading brands that offer a variety of ABS natural granule in different colors like SABIC®ABS MG47F (Natural) and LOTTE STAREX™ SD0150 (Natural and Milky White). The common industrial applications of ABS natural granules and ABS white granules are related to the manufacturing of refrigerator parts, juicer mixer grinder spares, air conditioner parts, automotive parts, helmets, electrical accessories, etc.

How To Buy The Best ABS Natural Granule

When you deal with a well-known supplier of ABS white granule or ABS natural dana, you get multiple options but it is good to deal with authorized channel partners of SABIC and LOTTE. These ABS granules are available in bags of 25 kg. When you use ABS granules for production, t consistency in supply of the particular ABS granule type becomes a must because even a slight variation in the quality of ABS dana will create changes in the produced products.

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